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Apple Pollinators  Apple VarietiesPollinators Coxs Orange PippenJonathon, Granny Smith Five Crown (London Pippen)Jonathon, Granny Smith Fuji Pink Lady, Granny Smith Gala Golden Delicious, Granny Smith Golden Delicious Self pollinating but will fruit more with Granny Smith Granny Smith Self pollinating but will fruit more with...
DESCRIPTION: Small to medium, multi-stemmed, deciduous tree with a rounded canopy. The glossy green leaves turn vivid red and orange in autumn. The red-tinged winged fruits (samaras) hang in clusters and appear from summer till autumn.   TREE CARE: Plant in a well drained and...
This unusual and rare form of Chinese maple is known for its five lobes that produce beautiful coloured foliage year round. FEATURES: A wonderful addition to your garden, adding colour and exotic foliage.   CONDITIONS: Prefers cool, deep, moisture retentive soil in a sheltered site....
A small, deciduous, ornamental tree grown for elegant form and decorative foliage.   FEATURES: Spring brings fresh, green, deeply lobed foliage, sometimes tinged red. The finely divided leaves give the tree a delicate appearance and a soft texture. In Autumn, the tree is ablaze with...
New compact dwarf Japanese maple with a natural bonsai like growth habit, suitable for pots or garden plant. Autumn colour is a mix of yellow, orange and red.   FEATURES: A wonderful addition to your garden, adding colour and exotic foliage.   CONDITIONS: Prefers cool,...
DESCRIPTION: A spectacular tree with smooth bark that is usually patterned with vertical dark green to greenish-brown stripes. The glossy green foliage has red veins and turns yellow, red, gold and purple in autumn. A hardy tree that is an ideal specimen tree for any...
DESCRIPTION: A large spreading tree that grows up to 3.0m. The new growth in spring is a stunning red-copper colour that turns to orange and red in autumn. Ideal for planting in large gardens and street plantings. Thrives in a sunny, open position in well...
DESCRIPTION: Medium to large round fruit with bright green skin, crisp firm white flesh with a sharp or acid taste makes an excellent cooking apple that is also delicious when eaten fresh. Exceptional keeping qualities, stores well in the refrigerator. Good cropping. Vigorous growth habit....
Grown on a standard, this hardy ornamental weeping tree has large single white flowers in spring, followed by edible, pleasant tasting fruit, very similar to a Jonathan apple. Very attractive garden feature.   TREE CARE: Plant in a well drained and well worked soil. Take...
DESCRIPTION: A magnificent fruit with rich red colour and a piquant flavour. An extremely productive plant and vigorous grower that produces fruit that can be eaten fresh or juiced.   TREE CARE: Plant in well drained and worked soil. Take care to plant the bud...