Alnus jorullensis Evergreen Alder

Alnus jorullensis Evergreen Alder

DESCRIPTION: A fast growing, large, evergreen tree with dark green, serrated leaves and long, catkin flowers. May be semi evergreen in the coldest climates.


USES: An excellent shade or specimen tree; also a useful hedge and windbreak tree.


POSITION: Thrives in a wide range of soils and conditions but prefers a sunny, open position in moist, well drained soil. Requires space as this is a large mature tree.


CARE: Water regularly after planting until established. Clip regularly if hedges or shaping is required.


PLANTING: Cultivate soil before planting. Dig hole twice the width of the container. Remove plant from container and place into the hole so the soil level is the same as the surrounding ground. Fill hole firmly and water in well even if the soil is moist.