Casuarina glauca Greenwave PBR

Casuarina glauca Greenwave PBR

DESCRIPTION: A hardy and robust evergreen shrub featuring a vibrant foliage year-round which forms a natural ball-shape without the need for hedging or maintenance. The branchlets are slender when compared to the species. This Australian native is ideally suited whether planted alone, in groups, or as a screening plant. Slow to moderate growth rate. Can be easily trimmed for hedges.


Climate: Cold to warm temperate areas. Plant in a protected site in heavy frost regions, however if heavy frosts do damage the top layer of the foliage it should re-shoot readily in spring.


Soil: Adaptable to a wide range of soil types once established.


Planting: Cultivate well-drained soil thoroughly before planting. Don’t dig into clay, instead build up site with top soil.


Fertiliser: Apply a low phosphorus complete slow release fertiliser after planting, to help the plant establish.


Culture: Tolerates a wide range of site conditions once established including heat and moderate drought but will also tolerate wet sites. Mulch is beneficial.