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DESCRIPTION: Medium to large round fruit with bright green skin, crisp firm white flesh with a sharp or acid taste makes an excellent cooking apple that is also delicious when eaten fresh. Exceptional keeping qualities, stores well in the refrigerator. Good cropping. Vigorous growth habit....
Grown on a standard, this hardy ornamental weeping tree has large single white flowers in spring, followed by edible, pleasant tasting fruit, very similar to a Jonathan apple. Very attractive garden feature.   TREE CARE: Plant in a well drained and well worked soil. Take...
DESCRIPTION: Rose-pink, semi-double flowers, with a slight fragrance produced in abundance in mid spring. Small amount of large yellow fruit is produced. Bright green foliage turning to yellow and orange in autumn.   TREE CARE: Plant in a well drained and well worked soil. Take...
DESCRIPTION: A strong, upright growing, deciduous tree with dark green, slightly hairy leaves that turn brilliant shades of yellow, red and burgundy in autumn. White flowers have a pink flush and are followed by red-tinged, green fruit. Good alternative to an ornamental pear tree.  ...
DESCRIPTION: A beautiful, small deciduous tree bearing clusters of large, fragrant, double pink blooms in late spring. The beautiful foliage turns vivid yellow, orange and crimson in autumn. A pretty specimen tree or addition to smaller garden beds.   TREE CARE: Plant in well drained...
DESCRIPTION: Pink buds opening to single white blossom, in mid spring. Bright red fruit matures in late summer to early autumn; this variety is better known for its quality fruit rather than flowers. Excellent for making Crab Apple Jelly. Green foliage changing golden in autumn....