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DESCRIPTION: An extremely attractive, small, deciduous tree that has broad, heart-shaped leaves that take on rich autumn colours. Striking garden specimen providing both shade and autumn colour. Prefers an open sunny position in well drained soil. Water after planting until established. This plant is a...
DESCRIPTION: A semi-deciduous tree with a spreading habit that produces beautiful, small, glossy green leaves that provide beautiful autumn colour when they change to yellow. It has gently arching branches and attractive peeling bark. Ideal for large gardens and parks.   TREE CARE: Plant in...
DESCRIPTION: A magnificent tree featuring the most beautiful autumn colour with foliage in tones of orange and red. During summer the foliage is green. An attractive street tree or garden feature. Adaptable to most soil types and conditions.   TREE CARE: Plant in a well...
DESCRIPTION: A small and deciduous tree bearing masses of creamy white flowers with pin tips in late spring. Bright red, strawberry-like fruits appear in late summer. A lovely ornamental tree.   TREE CARE: Plant in well drained and worked soil. Take care to plant the...
DESCRIPTION: An unusual, deciduous tree with a narrow, upright shape and stunning, bright pink, spring foliage, which matures to soft green.   USES: Ideal for providing contrast in the garden and can be used to great effect in large containers.   POSITION: For best results...
DESCRIPTION: Rose-pink, semi-double flowers, with a slight fragrance produced in abundance in mid spring. Small amount of large yellow fruit is produced. Bright green foliage turning to yellow and orange in autumn.   TREE CARE: Plant in a well drained and well worked soil. Take...