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FEATURES: A wonderful addition to your garden, adding colour and exotic foliage.   CONDITIONS: Prefers cool, deep, moisture retentive soil in a sheltered site.   FOR BEST RESULTS: Provide adequate Summer water. Mulch with organic material (e.g. straw). Shelter from drying Summer heat and wind....
DESCRIPTION: A cone-shaped tree with soft green needle-like foliage. During autumn, the needles turn a golden yellow. It produces deep purple cone-shaped fruit in summer.   TREE CARE: Plant in well drained and well worked soil. Take care to plant the bud union above the...
DESCRIPTION: A large deciduous spreading tree with a rounded crown of greenish-yellow leaves which turn a brilliant golden yellow during autumn. In winter, distinctive black buds contrast with the yellow branches.   USES: An ideal specimen tree for large lawns, gardens, street planting and parks....
DESCRIPTION: A deciduous and fast-growing tree with attractive chartreuse-green foliage during spring. The foliage matures to bright golden shades during autumn. A terrific shade tree and colour contrast to gardens.   TREE CARE: Plant in well drained and worked soil. Take care to plant the...
DESCRIPTION: Golden Spirit is a unique'Smoke Bush' from Europe and one with a difference; brilliant lime to golden-yellow foliage from late spring. As autumn progresses this fresh foliage hue is replaced by vivid coral, orange and red tones. Later in summer it's topped with unusual...
DESCRIPTION: A low maintenance and hardy tree producing attractive foliage that becomes golden in autumn. During the summer months it has small yellow flowers followed by bronze-pink seed pods in autumn. A great tree for larger gardens and parks.   TREE CARE: Plant in well...