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FEATURES: Delicious fruit follows a beautiful Spring blossom display. An ideal fruit tree for small gardens or courtyards as it grows 1-1.5m tall.   PLANTING: Choose an open sunny position in well-drained soil. Dig a hole twice the width of the roots. It is important...
Prunus `Okame' is a cross between P. campanulata and P. incisa, In late winter to early spring it produces a mass display of pink flowers opening from reddish pink buds.   FEATURES: A wonderful addition to your garden, adding colour and exotic foliage.   CONDITIONS:...
DESCRIPTION: One of the first flowering trees of the season, starting in winter and lasting for several weeks. Soft pink, semi-double flowers first appear at the top of the tree and extend down the long weeping branches. Inedible fruit may also appear. A beautiful specimen...
DESCRIPTION: A stunning flowering plum with a profusion of light to mid pink flowers which completely smother the branches in spring.   USES: An ideal small specimen tree where space is restricted, or plant en masse for stunning effect.   POSITION: Prefers a sunny position...
FEATURES: Rounded deciduous tree with deep purple leaves that have a red tone when young. Mass of single flowers from early to mid Spring.   CONDITIONS: Will grow well in most free draining soils in sun or light shade. Thrives on fertile organic rich soils....
DESCRIPTION: A highly ornamental deciduous tree, with an upright vase shape. Stunning deep crimson double blossom appearing in early to mid Spring, with attractive dark, purple-red foliage. Prune well after flowering finishes, to promote new growth and prolific flowers.   TREE CARE: Plant in a...
DESCRIPTION: A stunning tree producing very showy pinkish-white flowers during spring. Flowers are followed by large crops of dark fruit. A lovely addition to any garden.   TREE CARE: Plant in a well drained and well worked soil. Take care to plant the bud union...
DESCRIPTION: This lovely, evergreen shrub or small spreading tree produces attractive, glossy, dark green leaves. During the summer months, slender spikes of small, fragrant white flowers are borne and followed by fleshy berries. This is an excellent plant for hedging and screening.   TREE CARE:...