About Us

About Us

Nishiki Nursery operates with a small team of passionate, dedicated people, in the small agricultural town of Monbulk, Victoria, in the beautiful Dandenong Ranges.


The origin of Nishiki Nursery:


Founded by Steven Boekel in 2009 at only 21 years of age,  the name “Nishiki” – meaning variegated foliage or corky bark, was inspired by Steve’s love for Japanese Maples and his father’s favourite variety, Acer Orido-Nishiki, a beautiful variegated maple that sports cream and pink variegated leaves in spring.


The foundation for Nishiki Nursery was built on this passion for maples, and on intergenerational plant cultivation knowledge passed down by Steve’s father, tree peony expert Ron Boekel of Paeon Nursery – where Steve’s talent for the delicate art of grafting developed from an early age. 


It is this genuine passion, hard work and finely attuned skills that would propel Steve into his nursery career at just nineteen years old, and remains the foundation for Nishiki Nursery today.


Steve remains committed to the development of the employees and the business with his clear vision for the future – continuing to produce the spectacular quality and range of plants that Nishiki is known for.


We here at Nishiki Nursery are extremely proud of what we have achieved so far!

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