Green Weepers

Easily grown in average, medium, well-drained soil in full sun to part shade. Prefers lightly dappled shade. Plant in a location protected from strong winds. Compact Japanese maple with a rounded, mounding habit. Features cascading, drooping branches and seven-lobed, finely dissected, deeply serrate, yellowish green...
A beautiful weeping lace leaf Japanese maple, perfect to use as a specimen plant in the landscape or as a large potted patio tree. Bright green summer foliage holds well through out the summer months, turning brilliant golden tones, with hints of crimson. The weeping...
Grows slowly into a rounded shape; Demi-Sec does not display the typical mushroom shape of most dissectum maples. Spring: faint orange tint on margins. Fall gold Size: 2 metres (h) x 2.5 metres (w)
Yellow green foliage in the spring turning dark green in the summer and a bright burgundy-orange red in autumn. Very vigorous growing dissectum that has fine leaves. Size: 2 metres (h) x 2.5 metres (w)
A very rewarding green dissectum. Soft pale green in spring, getting darker reen in summer and turning a beautiful golden autumn colour. Very strong grower. Great for any garden. Size: 2 metres (h) x 2.5 metres (w)
Dark green dissectum with branches that cascade and twist in various directions. Vigorous grower that creates a mushroom-shaped mound. Tones of yellow, orange, and red in the autumn. Size: 2 metres (h) x 2 metres(w)