Upright Reds

'Bloodgood' is a vigorous variety of Japanese maple. A broad topped tree. Beautiful deep black-red leaves in spring, purple in summer, crimson in autumn. Size: 5 metres (h)
New foliage is purplish-red, deepening into a shiny blackish red as the leaves mature. Green tones blend in towards late summer until autumn produces this beautiful scarlet red Size: 4 metres (h)
Fluorescent pink in the spring, this tree attracts the most attention in spring at the nursery. Variegation follows the vein of the leaf changing to a two-toned red in the summer.
Leaves are a rich, deep burgundy-red in spring and early summer, turning reddsh green towards the end of summer. Autumn colour is crimson. Each leaf has seven to nine lobes that hang down from the petiole. Size: 4 metres (h) x 3 metres (w)
Often palmately lobed leaves with fantastic foliage colour all year round. Small flowers are followed by characteristic winged fruit. They are very easy to grow, don't need to be pruned.
Bushy form with purple leaves and bright reddish new growth in spring and through summer.
Dwarf, bushy, tufted habit and spectacular foliage! Discovered as a witches' broom mutation on another Japanese maple cultivar ('Bloodgood'). Non-dissected leaves are clumped into masses giving a tufted appearance. Leaves are dark maroon during the summer, changing to a brilliant red in the fall.
A small, dense tree with excellent year-round colour. Magnificent bronze-purple foliage is combined with a good shape and a useful size to make an attractive specimen tree for a protected area in the landscape.
An outstanding, fast-growing upright Japanese maple. Excellent deep red foliage holds even better than Acer Bloodgood!. Strong, hardy and easy to grow.