Upright Greens

'Seiryu' is a very unique Japanese maple that is unlike any in the world. Because it is so different, it is an incredible addition to any maple collection. Size: 2 metres (h) x 2 metres (w)
Pale green in spring, becoming darker in summer before turning bright orange, tinged with red in autumn. Size: 4 metres (h) x 4 metres (w)
'Mikawa Yatsubusa' is an outstanding dwarf Japanese maple that is arguably one of the top three maples in the world today when it comes to bonsai. This dwarf tree has outstanding structure, color and dense foliage. The leaves on this little dwarf overlap one another...
Very unusual dwarf Japanese Maple whose green leaves have five thread-like lobes giving it the Japanese name for 'Old harp strings'. Very slow growing, ideal for Bonsai or pot culture. Requires a fertile slightly acid soil, work in peat or composted bark. Size: 2 metres (h)
In the spring 'Shin Deshojo' has arguably the brightest, most brilliant foliage of any of the more than 400 Japanese maple cultivars. Some refer to the leaf color as "fire-engine red". Size: 2.5 metres (h) x 3 metres (w)
Very compact upright Maple with crinkly green leaves which colour well in the autumn. Requires a slightly acid woodland soil and shelter from the morning sun. Size: 2.5 metres (h) x 2.5 metres (w)
Fjellheim is a dwarf coral bark maple discovered as a witches broom off of Sango Kaku. It is supposed to have colors just as good but also have short, tight growth.
A superb Japanese Maple, forming a medium to large deciduous shrub whose five lobed leaves open into orange-yellow then turn to a soft yellow in the autumn. Outstanding coral-red stems. Requires a fertile, woodland type, slightly acid soil which is moist, but not waterlogged in...
During spring the foliage green with orange tips, over summer it starts to darken and autumn colours are scarlet red and orange.