Upright Greens

Very unusual dwarf Japanese Maple whose green leaves have five thread-like lobes giving it the Japanese name for 'Old harp strings'. FEATURES: Very slow growing. ideal for Bonsai or pot culture. Requires a fertile slightly acid soil, work in peat or composted bark. CONDITIONS: Prefers...
In the spring 'Shin Deshojo' has arguably the brightest, most brilliant foliage of any of the more than 400 Japanese maple cultivars. Some refer to the leaf color as "fire-engine red". Size: 2.5 metres (h) x 3 metres (w)
Very compact upright Maple with crinkly green leaves which colour well in the autumn. Requires a slightly acid woodland soil and shelter from the morning sun. Size: 2.5 metres (h) x 2.5 metres (w)
Fjellheim is a dwarf coral bark maple discovered as a witches broom off of Sango Kaku. It is supposed to have colors just as good but also have short, tight growth.
DESCRIPTION: A handsome and deciduous, shrub or small tree with palmate leaves. It has magnificent coral-red young branches. The autumn foliage is beautiful and yellow. An excellent specimen tree with year round interest. Also beautiful in containers. TREE CARE: Plant in well drained and worked...
During spring the foliage green with orange tips, over summer it starts to darken and autumn colours are scarlet red and orange.